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One People One Reef

In keeping with our mission to bring science into education, planning, and policy making, CCR has entered into a partnership with One People One Reef. OPOR is a collaboration of scientists and local community organizers working together on unique solutions to ocean management and conservation. OPOR is currently working in collaboration with outer island communities of Micronesia to bring traditions and modern science together to facilitate adaptive management, and promote ecological and human community resilience. Visit One People One Reef for more information about the program and philosophy.

Micronesian Outer islanders from the remote atolls of the Yap and Chuuk outer islands in the western Pacific have sustainably managed their oceans for centuries, even millennia. Their culture, traditions and livelihoods are intimately linked to the reefs that surround their islands. However, their future is threatened by rapid environmental and cultural change. In 2010, they recognized a decline in fish populations and reef health, along with human health challenges. We are a team of scientists who came together to respond to the outer islanders call for assistance. Our response was an approach that lets communities lead through traditional management backed by modern science. Explore the OPOR website to learn more about the projectís history, approach, and what makes it unique.

One People One Reef works closely with Bluecology, whose mission is to preserve marine wildlife and ecosystems through community-based programs which foster informed choices that will reduce adverse human impact on the marine environment. OPOR has developed a youth program that brings youth from the US to Ulithi Atoll to work side by side with local youth to better understand and address the pressing scientific, social and economic issues of reef management and environmental change.

CCR and OPOR are working together on proposals that further the goals of both groups. We expect additional integration in the future.

For more information about the One People One Reef program and philosophy, visit their website here.