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Making a Difference on the Central Coast and Beyond

CC&R conducted the first quantitative surveys of non-native algal and invertebrate species along the California outer coast and in all major bays and harbors. We currently maintain a database of non-native, native, and cryptogenic marine and estuarine species and a reference sample and voucher collection available to taxonomists and researchers nationwide.

CC&R has conducted a wide variety of habitat restoration activities in this watershed. Among the achievements are native plant establishment, landform restoration, the development of landowner and farmer participation, weed control, and establishing ongoing monitoring programs.

Sample project locations include: Moro Cojo Watershed, Moss Landing Sand Dunes, Elkhorn Slough area waterways, Tembladero Slough, and Salinas River.

CC&R also has a strong background and expertise in ecology, habitat restoration and eradication maintenance on private land with natural habitat values.

In special cases, CC&R carries out the elimination of invasive and non-native plants. These tasks included habitat restoration, weed and erosion control, and ongoing monitoring.

CC&R supports rescue and maintenance of long term ecological databases in terrestrial, estuarine and marine habitats worldwide. Instrumentation development is an integral part of this effort.

Representative programs include Core Watersheds, Environmental Monitoring and Assesment, SCINI, and One People One Reef.