Dolan Ranch Mitigation

Dolan Ranch in 2005, prior to mitigation. This area was not farmed because it was prone to seasonal flooding.
Dolan Ranch in 2014, after 5 years of mitigation and restoration to a functional wetland.

Our Greenhouse Facility

CC&R's greenhouse in Moss Landing, California.
Raising an owl box for rodent control at the CC&R greenhouse.
California native plants are hardened off for outplanting at restoration sites.

CC&R Crew in the Field

A CC&R crewmember works on dune restoration in Moss Landing, California.
A CC&R crewmember constructs a raptor perch for rodent control at a restoration site.
CC&R crewmembers working on a bioreactor that treats agricultural runoff.
A CC&R crewmember plants and waters a native plant at a mitigation site.
The CC&R crew celebrates Halloween with a pumpkin carving.
A CC&R crewmember breaks ground at a restoration site.